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marketing objectives:

Accounts we

have worked with

Working together since 2020

We began in June 2020.
Facebook growth from 68k seguidores a 114k
Instagram growth from 5k seguidores a 28.6k

Estimated monthly reach at the beginning: 1.2M
Estimated monthly reach during the months of management: 2.1M

Working together since 2012

In 2023 they have presence in 4 social media accounts.
Facebook with a community of more than 8k followers.
LinkedIn with more than 5k followers.
Youtube with 100 subscriptions.
Instagram with more than 700 followers.

Working together since 2018

Communicating their work since 2018.

Reach, connection and ties with their audience through social media.
With a community of more than 7k followers in Facebook and more than 400 followers in their recent Instagram account.

Working together since 2021

Digital campaign created to aware the audience of a health institution focused on little ones care and well-being, positioning them as the First Hospital for children in Guatemala.

Reaching a community of 1,250 followers in only three months, reaching more than 780k followers through social media.


in Social Media

Facebook: 7.95 million
Youtube: 7.64 million
Instagram: 2.85 million
LinkedIn: 1.3 million
X: 896.1 thousand

There are more than 10.9 million internet users in Guatemala.




We are an agency with more than 20 years of experience in Communication and now
we put Social Media Management at
your service.

We have a multidisciplinary team at your service, creativity is not exclusive to the Creative Department.

We have fun doing the work, that’s why we do it with passion.

Last but not least:


is everything

We are strategists, we believe that everything works better if it is part of a strategy with purpose and objective. We want to help you develop a Social Media strategy to achieve together the growth and positioning of your brand.

We are laotramitá of your
social media strategy.

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